Monthly Archive: August 2017


Acts 6:8…

Acts 6:8… Stephen was an amazingly gifted man, full of faith and power. The wonderful thing about a statement like that is knowing it is not his own grace and power Stephen is filled with. If it was, he would […]


Acts 6:1…

Acts 6:1… A complaint has arisen in the first-days church. In the KJV version of this passage, the word employed is ‘murmuring.’ It doesn’t sound like a good thing. The Greek language rendering of this word is ‘gongysmos,’ which means […]


I Love Pastor Jay Schein

August 17, 2017 Our beloved brother pastor Jay Schein went home to be with Jesus about 2:50pm this afternoon. Jay had open-heart surgery Tuesday following a heart attack, which apparently happened last Friday morning, sometime after his attendance at Friday […]


Acts 5:12…

Acts 5:12… There is an intensity to all the Divine activity in the first-days church that rightly should make our jaws drop. It should also make us wonder what happened to that degree of intensity? Is it God? Is it […]


Acts 4:32…

Acts 4:32… When a person is first saved by God the transformation is so radical it all becomes a blur. It is a first-love experience. Truly. Nothing of this world matters any more. There is a view into heaven that […]

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