A Changed Life


Acts 17:1…

Acts 17:1… When it’s time to move on, Paul moves on… Notice they were not commanded to leave Philippi but were asked by the magistrates of the city to do so. By standing for the truth of who they were […]


Acts 16:35…

Acts 16:35… There may come a time in your life as a Christian when the civil law comes into conflict with the law of the Holy Spirit. For the born-again believer in Jesus Christ, one of the great eternal benefits […]


Acts 16:26…

Acts 16:26… With all the enemy’s attempts to divide, steal, and destroy, sometimes it seems he is winning on all fronts. But the Bible reminds us God is undefeated. The slave girl we see in Acts 16 was mired in […]


Acts 16:16…

Acts 16:16… Sometimes we may wonder what lengths God will go to save people. The answer is: He will do whatever it takes. The question is: Are we willing to be taken to the lengths it takes to reach those […]


The Stone was Rolled Away…

The Stone was Rolled Away… The first people who had a problem with the stone being rolled away were the soldiers assigned to guard the tomb. (Matthew’s Gospel tells us they had even set a seal on the stone to […]

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