A Changed Life


Acts 20:17…

Acts 20:17… Paul has great love for the church founded at Ephesus, but he cannot be there to make sure it continues as founded. He must leave. This is the life of the missionary. They begin a good work in […]


Acts 20:7…

Acts 20:7… Now that Paul’s plan to arrive at Jerusalem by Passover has been changed by those who would have killed him onboard the pilgrim ship which sailed from Corinth, Paul has traveled over land back to Philippi, where he […]


Acts 20:1…

Acts 20:1… From Acts 20, verse 1 and onward we see the transition of Paul’s ministry of mission work and church-planting to personal witness, testimony, and endurance. The remainder of Paul’s life will be very difficult. At a time when […]


Acts 19:21…

Acts 19:21… Indoctrination from cradle to grave. If that goal can be accomplished, Satan wins, and eternal damnation is the result. Every culture has its own form of indoctrination. Satan is more than fine if that indoctrination includes any and […]


Acts 19:11…

Acts 19:11… Ephesus was a center of demonic activity in the ancient world. From the moment Paul set foot in the city, the demons were on edge. We note there was nothing any sort of demonic power could do about […]

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