Please enjoy this introduction to our missionaries in their own words. They are all so diverse and are called to different types of ministries, but all with the same goal - to reveal Jesus Christ as Lord. Let us lift them up in prayer and encourage them in the good work the Lord has called them to do.

Meet Our Missionaries

Ed and Kate Major- ekssamajor@gmail.com

MajorssmEd was saved in 1995. Soon after being born again he had a desire to serve in missions. He moved from Orlando, Florida to Southern California to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College in 1997. He spent his final year of Bible college at the Calvary Chapel campus in Austria where he was able to do many short-term outreaches to Romania, Italy, Hungary, Austria, and Germany. Between his 3rd and 4th semester, he was praying about serving in Romania long-term. The Lord then re-directed Ed to Prague, Czech Republic. God confirmed his call to Prague using Joshua 1:3, 9. After he graduated from Bible College (1998), he moved to Prague and served there for 3 years as a Youth/Assistant Pastor.

In 2000, while Ed was still serving in Prague he did an outreach trip to York, England. That's where Ed met Kate. 11 months later, he moved to York, got married to Kate (June 2001) and taught for 1 semester at the Calvary Chapel Bible College there in York. Then Kate and Ed moved back to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where they served at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale for 3 years. Ed oversaw Missionary Care, the Missions Training program, and served in leadership in the local outreach ministry. He also taught some Adult Education courses and in the Bible College there. Kate helped out in the Mission’s Ministry as well as in the Administration Department. Both Kate and Ed also taught in the Children’s Ministry.

In 2004, the Lord moved Kate and Ed (and Sarah) back to York, England and taught at the Calvary Chapel Bible College there.

In July of 2012 The Majors moved to Konesberg, Norway to plant a Calvary Chapel Church. After four years Ed was invited to return to York, England to teach in the CC Bible College.

Ed and Kate have three daughters - Sarah (7) and Sophia (6) and Arielle (4). Kate is from England.

Jon and Steffie Markey – jsmarkey@gmail.com

markey-3aJon was born in Indiana, but moved to Ukraine in 1992, when his father, George Markey, answered the call to plant a Calvary Chapel in the capital city of Kyiv. Jon was just 6 years old when his family moved over. He started kindergarten right away and continued studying in the Ukrainian school system. After high school, he studied piano in college and received his Master's at the Conservatory of Music in Kyiv in 2007. While at Calvary Chapel Kyiv, Jon was a part of the worship team, and from 2006-2008 he served as worship leader.

Stephanie was born in Vermont, but lived most of her life in Florida. In 1996, at the age of 12, she spent 5 months in Russia . This exposure to missions left a lasting impact on Steffie, and she knew that someday she would be involved in overseas missions. She attended Trinity College in Florida and received her A.A. in Biblical Studies. In 2002 and 2003 Steffie went on two missions trip with Eastern European Outreach(EEO) to Russia, where she helped with Bible camps for orphans. In 2004, their EEO team traveled to Western Ukraine. It was there that Stephanie met Jon. He was her translator :) After 2 and half years of long distance dating, they were married in July of 2007 and moved to Kyiv a month later.

In the summer of 2008, both Jon and Stephanie felt the Lord leading them to Ternopil, to assist Jon's older brother George, who had planted a church there the previous year. Jon is the worship leader at Calvary Chapel Ternopil. He trains musicians and singers for worship, teaches Bible studies and is currently teaching a class on Acts in the church's School of Ministry. Stephanie has her hands full with two littles ones at home. Katie Rose is 20 months and George is 7 months. Pray for strength for her as she is home with the kids and is still learning the Ukrainian language.

Our desire is to see Calvary Chapel Ternopil become a model church here in Western Ukraine, and that many churches will be planted.

Pray for the Ternopil church, for many leaders to be raised up within the church and in the worship ministry specifically. Pray for the worship albums we are in the process of recording. That these recordings will be used to glory of God.

Dave and Darlys Bird – dar@cidmj.org

dave and darlysFor over 20 years, Dave & Darlys have served the Lord through short and long term missions. Currently they are in Jacmel, Haiti, sharing the Gospel and God’s love in practical ways. With an extensive architecture and construction background, Dave shares his skills with Haitians, giving them a trade to provide for their families and to pass on to others, thus bettering their broken country. Along with assisting Dave, Darlys uses her gifting by reaching out to the Haitian children and women through student sponsorships, friendship evangelism and discipleship.

Their ministry vision is:
• Job creation and training programs in construction, carpentry and agriculture
• School and student sponsorship programs
• One-on-one evangelism and discipleship
• Raising awareness of clean water needs for good health and distribution of water filters

Prayer Requests:
• For God to radically change Haiti into a Christian nation
• Most Haitians love God and go to church, but do not understand that the Lord desires a personal relationship with them. Pray that they would accept and know Jesus on a personal level
• 48% of the Haitian population is under the age of 18. Pray that godly leaders would rise up from these youth
• Effective biblical discipleship with our Haitian workers and individuals God brings to us

Jancsi and Meli Papai – jmpapai@hotmail.com

papaiWe have come to know that the greatest thing in life is Jesus and his life changing power, so we want to help others experience the same thing! And our main goal is to preach Christ and Him crucified. This is how we started to minister through our local church (CC Debrecen). Through the years God used us in planting a Gipsy church outside of Debrecen, in Böszörmény. A few years later God also moved us to start a Bible Study in Nyiregyhaza, a city North-East of Debrecen. This has been our main ministry focus for the last 8 years, as there aren’t any other Bible teaching churches in that city of 80 thousand people, not to mention its surroundings with many thousand more in the neighboring villages!!! They all need to know the grace of God! Through Nyiregyhaza, the ministry extended over the Ukrainian border and God opened the hearts of many people to come and hear His Word taught. By now there is also a church estabilished in Beregovo(Ukraine), where people are attending even from the surrounding villages. Please pray that God would use people's physical poverty to show them their spiritual need of Him. Now looking back over the past 15 years and seeing all four churches God has used us in planting, doing well and growing in grace, we are looking to the Lord to show us what the next step in ministry should be.

Our older son, Krisztian is 14, and he is quite a musician, playing the drums, the piano and the guitar. Not only does he play with other young christian people, but his friends at shool also look up to him in the affairs of music making. Please pray for him as he has reached the stage in his teenage years where he needs much grace, love and guidance about life with-,and pleasing to God. Pray that God would use him/us to reach out to his school friends through the gift of music. Our young one, David is 4, and is quite a handful. God is teaching us a lot about patience whilst raising our two boys.

Melinda also does administration at a language school, called "Logos" (John 1:1-14) which has been started together with other church members as a ministry tool, in order to brings us into contact with more people who should hear the good news of Gods love in Jesus.

Please pray for all we come in contact with. Open hearts and the convincing presence of the Holy Spirit are needed.

John and Kate Gauntt – gauntt.john@gmail.com

We began to sense this call in the middle of 2015 while I was at a prayer meeting at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. As I was praying, the end of Acts 4, where Barnabas sells a field and brings the money to the Church, stood out to me and became heavy in my heart and I assumed it must be that I was supposed to go and read it before the congregation. However, just as I was about go up front, the meeting ended. I thought, "Well, I guess that was just me and not the Lord.” All the same, as I was driving home, and for the next 6 months, that scripture continued to burn in my mind. Was that verse actually for me? Did God speak to me in that prayer meeting? No way he would ask me to do that! I was pastoring our church campus down in Hollywood, FL. That wouldn't make any sense… where would we go? God began to stir in Kate and me that HE was in fact calling us to something new. As we began to realize this, God proceeded to give us Genesis 12:1- “Leave… and go to the land i will show you.” Then, Acts 8:26-40 where Philip was called, by God, out of the fresh revival in Samaria to go “south” to Gaza, with no further instruction. In both of these scriptures it was clear that God would only give one step at a time and Abraham and Philip, had to obey, by faith, trusting the next step would be given in God’s timing. The Lord began to stack on these scriptures with, “sell everything you have” (Mark 10:21), and, “Store for yourselves treasures in heaven…” (Matthew 6:19)

After struggling with these verses and their possible implications for our family, and spending some serious time in prayer, we finally decided. December 13, 2015 we shared with our church in Hollywood what the Lord was leading us to do. They prayed for us and we stepped out in faith. Our house sold in 1 month! We gave away, or sold, everything in it, and took our 7 children to stay with my parents on Fort Myers beach as we watched and prayed for step two.

The week after I resigned from my campus pastor position, I went to see Pastor Jorge Bustamonte. I still had a previously booked a ticket to El Salvador in January 2015 with the original intent to investigate a possible short-term missions trip for our campus. I needed to let him know I had to cancel. He encouraged me not to cancel, but to bring Kate as well and just get away for a week to pray. I took his advice.

To steward your time, Kate and I fell in love with what God was doing in Sunzal. After getting home and praying through a few other positions/opportunities that had come up, we realized God was calling us to join Pastor Jorge Bustamonte and his wife Carolyn in what God was doing in El Salvador.

So, what will we be doing? Pastor Jorge has purchased a large piece of property in the middle of an impoverished and unchurched community in El Sunzal. Out goals for that property are threefold. First and foremost, we will establish a Calvary Chapel church. The building is finished and we will all be there to start hosting regular church services come January 2017. Secondly, we will start a free medical clinic. This building has also been finished in the last month and we are praying for the nurses and doctors to come! Thirdly, there is an orphanage a mile down the main road with about 90 children ages 0-17 cared for by only 5 full-time women. Our family will be spending a portion of our time there, mentoring and loving on the children and helping them finish a lot of unfinished projects. A tragedy here is that when the children age out at 18, the majority end up on the street and are either sexually trafficked or forcibly initiated into local gangs. Our long-term goal is to create a catch for them on the mission base where they can come for a few more years to be further discipled and schooled in a trade so they have a better chance in the world.

In summary we are going to El Salvador, First to share Jesus and His gospel with the community. Intertwined with that main goal, we will be loving and caring for orphans, giving medical care, and providing education opportunities to improve the lives of those in El Sunzal and the surrounding areas.

How can you “go with us” in this?

1. Pray. First, is our serious need for prayer. We truly believe that prayer is the work and our physical service is simply going in faith to reap the product of those prayers! “Dear brothers and sisters, pray for us.” 1 Thessalonians 5:25

2. Encourage us. A real challenge becomes the illusion that we are in this alone. A short email, Skype call, postcard, or a jar of peanut butter will mean more to us than you can know! (Hebrews 10:25)

3. Support us financially. This is a real need as we are taking our “small army” of 11 people down in the name of Jesus! We have to raise at least $2800.00/ month to be able to sustain us during our time there. Please pray, if God would lead you, to come alongside us and join our work through financial support. You can do so by a offering a one time gift or providing a recurring monthly donation. (all support is tax deductible)

To support us: go to ssmfi.org and look us up by name (John Gauntt) or our missionary account # (4456)

or just click this link below: