1 Corinthians 10:1…

1 Corinthians 10:1… 

“Moreover,” is a word Paul employs to let us know his discussion of our liberties and freedoms in Christ continues…

Now we see the danger of those in the past who have taken their liberties and freedoms in the Lord for granted – and as a result displeased God – and then fell away from God.

We are informed this has happened that we may learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. (Those who pay no attention to history are doomed to repeat it.)

Don’t make the mistake of learning this in the here-and-now when you could learn it by studying your Bible instead. And this is the point: Study your Bible to see what happened to those who became more fixated on their liberties and freedoms rather than how close they may be in their relationship with God.

(Those who presently argue it is unnecessary to study the Old Testament do so at their own peril as well as those who agree with them.)

Paul spent 18 months at Corinth teaching those in the newly-founded church at Corinth God’s Word. Since the only Bible extant in Paul’s day was the Old Testament, Paul employs an Old Testament example in exactly the way it was meant to be employed. (Don’t do what THEY did.)

Of the millions who exited Egypt with Moses, only two men ended up being well-pleasing to God: Joshua and Caleb. Why?

Even AFTER seeing the death angel pass over their homes, even AFTER passing through the Red Sea, even AFTER being fed the manna every morning, even AFTER drinking the drink of the water of the Rock that was Christ – almost ALL of them displeased God by their actions. Even Moses himself was not allowed to cross into the Promised Land because he displeased God.

The reason Paul employs this example is because for most it was their focus on their liberties in God rather than their relationship with God that began their downfall from God.

When your primary focus is your liberty in Christ, you may begin to test the boundaries of how far you can stray from Christ while still maintaining your relationship with Christ. The next thing you know you begin to cross some lines you no longer perceive as displeasing to Christ because the Holy Spirit has become grieved to the extent He is quenched. (The reality is because of the ‘idolatry’ of the exploration of your liberties you are no longer listening to the voice of God.)

It is what you can do that prevents you from doing what you should do. That is a very dangerous place to attempt to live life in Christ, and it displeases God.

Pastor Bill