1 Corinthians 1:18… 

1 Corinthians 1:18…


This is the message of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is to be presented simply and received simply. It takes nothing on the part of the listener to figure out because there is no complexity in its presentation.

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is to be presented so simply even a young child can understand it. In fact, Jesus said, “…whoever does not receive the kingdom of heaven as a little child will by no means enter it.(Mark 10:15)

Think about what it means to be ‘a little child.’

Little children have been sheltered and yet not experienced much of what the world has to offer. Their brains have not yet been convoluted by the complexities of the corruption the world offers. They are very trusting of what they are told, (especially from adults,) because they have yet to be deceived. When they are instructed by their parents or their teachers, they readily and easily believe what they are told because they inherently understand they depend upon the knowledge of their parents and teachers to learn the important lessons of life, and to grow in wisdom.

And yet, along with this sort of innocence of the world – even the smallest child understands they are a sinner. They already know there is something amiss within them that compels them to test the limits of the instruction they are receiving from their parents and teachers. They certainly know they are selfish. They know they are capable of lying and have lied. They know they have been angry for no good reason and lashed out, and they know they have been tempted to steal, (and some of them have done exactly that.)

But they are not so jaded they do not easily and readily believe in God – because they have not learned or experienced independence from God.

Since God has written eternity on the heart of every person ever created, small children have not yet learned to suppress their inherent knowledge of eternity, and so to teach them about a heavenly eternal destiny makes perfect sense to them, because perfection is what they inherently desire and they already know they are not perfect.

You are a sinner. Jesus died to pay the price for your sin. When you place your faith in Christ, and believe in His resurrection from the dead, you shall be saved.

Even a small child can believe this. The simplicity of this presentation is what allows the power of God to be at work in every heart that will believe.

Pastor Bill