1 Corinthians 12:1… 

1 Corinthians 12:1… 

In an effort to fully explain the unity necessary in the Body and Christ, Paul (the Holy Spirit) employs the human body as a metaphor for the Body of Christ.

And he makes perfect sense.

The kind of disharmony and disunity present in the church at Corinth makes no sense, and it does real harm to the Head.

Look to your own body to see this.

If your foot rebelled against the hand, what possible good could it do for you?

If your ear rebelled against your eye, what possible good could it do for you?

The example is both powerful and purposely absurd. No part of the body would ever rebel against the other parts. Not only is it absolutely unprofitable, the head would never permit it.

Instead what we see is all parts of our body working together seamlessly to support the other parts of the body as all serve to make what the head wants to happen to happen.

Sure, some parts of the body are unseen, but they are neither unworthy nor unhappy. They remain secure in the design of their mission even if no one knows the contribution of their part.

The same is true with the diversity of the gifts of the Holy Spirit present within the Body of Christ. There are many gifts distributed to the members of the Body of Christ, and each spiritual gift is intended to be used to both reveal the Head – Who is Christ – and to support the work of the Body in submission to the Head.

These spiritual gifts have been abundantly provided the church at Corinth, as Paul had spoken of this church in the first chapter of this letter. He declared this church had, “come short in no gift,” a direct reference to each part being provided both its ability and its mission by the Holy Spirit.

This is no time to break down into factions of rich and poor, slave and free, and Jew and Gentile. The Holy Spirit did not provide gifts to be used disparately but in unity.

This is doubly important as the gifts Paul describes here are referred to as the ‘revelation gifts,’ those gifts given to the body for the express purpose of revealing Christ to the lost world.

Pastor Bill