1 Corinthians 13:1… 

1 Corinthians 13:1… 

“I love you.”

Generally speaking, there is a limited number of people we speak those words to, and they indicate not just personal relationship – but the closest personal relationship possible between people.

There are no more powerful words available for us to express toward anyone. When we reach the stage where we say, “I love you,” there is nothing left for us to say which brings more meaning to the depth of our desire. “I love you,” is the absolute tippy-top of the expression of human emotion.

Therefore, there is a limit to the number of people we express these words to. We guard them carefully and limit their use to those we are willing to let our guard down to. In the expression of the words, “I love you,” we are at our most vulnerable.

Will the person we say those words to say them back to us?

How interesting and wonderful is the whole concept of love as we understand it. It binds us and restricts us and fills us and empties us and drives us and conforms us and brings joy unspeakable and grief unimaginable to our lives.

The greatest understanding we can possibly have about God’s Word is it is an expression of God’s love for each one of us. God’s Word is God saying, “I love you,” to His creation.

When we think of all the possibilities we might imagine for the God of all creation, how fantastically wonderful it is for us and for our condition He is love. We have an infinite capacity to receive love, and God has an infinite capacity to give love.

But love undefined is love unknown as anything more than just another emotion in the human panorama of emotions – albeit the strongest of those. (Only seemingly rivaled by hatred.)

That God IS love tells us love is much more than just an emotion. While it is wonderful to know we serve an emotional God capable of expressing His emotions to His creation, God’s definition of love goes far beyond emotion.

This chapter in God’s Word brings definition to the word ‘love’ we could not possibly have conceived of apart from God defining it for us. Since our ‘love’ has been so closely associated with our emotional expression of it, our ‘love’ rises and falls like the stock market. We place limits and boundaries on our love. We give it to those who deserve it.

Here, God teaches us His love is a verb and not an emotion, and that it has no limits placed upon worthiness. Since none are worthy, this is the greatest news ever shared!

Then He challenges us to go and be likewise loving, which we find we cannot do or be apart from God.

Pastor Bill