1 Corinthians 14:1… 

1 Corinthians 14:1… 

Order in the church.

This is where Paul heads next. If the church is indeed the Body of Christ, then it will be orderly in its conduct because the Body of Christ was always and is always orderly.

But in some churches there is such an emphasis upon order that the Spiritual gifts are no longer in evidence at all.

Some churches have even gone so far as to teach most if not all the Spiritual gifts are no longer in operation, in order to make certain there is no disorder and unruliness in the church. (This doctrinal position is referred to as ‘Cessationist.’ It teaches once the canon of the Bible was complete, the necessity of Spiritual gifts ceased and their operation did as well.)

It is unfortunate a doctrine teaching Spiritual gifts as unnecessary would emerge, especially since the Biblical text must be tortured to arrive at this position. But it is at least understandable when the gifts of the Spirit have led to such bizarre and chaotic behavior in some circles of church life. When this sort of unruly ‘Spiritual’ behavior is observed in some charismatic believers, more stoic believers reject it as being evidence of the flesh and not the Spirit.

In this assessment Paul concurs, as we read here in his admonition to the Church at Corinth. It is not the gifts of the Spirit that are the problem, it is the carnality of those ‘evidencing’ the gifts of the Spirit.

We still see this admonition as necessary in some quarters of today’s church. Bizarre behavior under the heading of or appearing to be ‘supernatural’ is NOT the evidence of the Spirit of God. Bizarre unruly behavior is evidence of the flesh attempting to draw attention to itself – not the Spirit seeking to draw attention to Christ. (The PROPER role of the Holy Spirit.)

Ask yourself: In the gospels, when did the Lord Jesus Christ ever evidence bizarre behavior you would be ashamed of or embarrassed by? When did Christ ever do anything you would be ashamed to bring your friends or family members to see and hear? The answer is: He never did. And yet, in the Lord Jesus Christ, ALL the gifts of the Spirit were and are in full operation. They have not ceased with the completion of the canon of God’s Word.

Since the Church IS the Body of Christ, the gifts of the Spirit cannot possibly have ceased in the Church either. All the gifts ARE still in operation, but under the true guidance of the Holy Spirit, they will be evidenced decently and in order.

Pastor Bill