1 Corinthians 15:12… 

1 Corinthians 15:12… 

One thing we as Christians should expect to be confronted by is false doctrine.

Sometimes the false doctrine that comes along is relatively insignificant, especially concerning our eternal security. We saw some of this in Paul’s previous discussion about the use of Spiritual gifts in the church service. False doctrine had crept into the church, and so the gifts of the Spirit were being practiced in a disorderly way. While this may have caused harm to the church – real harm – it was not at the level of the false doctrine Paul deals with here in chapter 15.

The first question we may (should) ask about false doctrine is where does it come from?

Perhaps it is possible false doctrine arises from the flesh, and our old carnal nature seeking to draw attention to itself. False doctrine certainly seems most-often aimed at satisfying fleshly desires, and so it rolls on unabated in appealing popularity. More likely however, is that false doctrine arises from Satan himself, (who Jesus said is the father of ALL lies.) When false doctrine is being presented, we should ask who stands to benefit most from this false doctrine making its presence known in the church? Would Satan actually work IN the church?

If you were Satan – wouldn’t you?

Paul warns of this exact thing taking place in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15. And it should not be surprising to us if some miracle or sign or wonder accompanies the presentation of false doctrine either. After all, Satan has wonder-working power.

Well then, how can we be protected from buying into false doctrine being presented?

When the counterfeit is presented always compare it to the true. We can make this comparison to the true only by knowing the true. We need to be studying the true so we know its concepts and its implications.

And that brings us to the second point, which is so clearly being made here by Paul pertaining to the resurrection of Christ – which is so VERY important to every person who ever lived. Where does this doctrine lead? Rather than just buying into any doctrine which may have a greater appeal to our flesh, we need to ask ourselves – if this is true what are the FULL implications of this ‘truth?’

In this case, Paul presents the full implications of a doctrine present in the church at Corinth teaching Christ did NOT, in fact, rise from the dead. You need to ask yourself: If this is the case, (even though it may be easier for your flesh to believe,) where does it leave ME?

Pastor Bill