1 Corinthians 15:34… 

1 Corinthians 15:34… 

Okay, now that we’ve settled the question about how to deal with false doctrine – and especially this false doctrine teaching Jesus was not raised from the dead – and asserting truly He WAS raised from the dead – we still have to deal with the nature of the impossible.

Some people just cannot and will not be convinced about the possibility of the resurrection of Christ because it is so obviously impossible.

After all, I’ve never seen anyone raised from the dead, have you?

I have seen people who are dead lying in their coffins in viewings at funeral homes. It used to be part of the funeral process. People would go to the funeral home for a viewing of the body to bring ‘finality’ and ‘closure’ to their relationship with their loved one or friend.

The thinking was psychological in nature. Once you have actually seen your dead loved one or friend actually lying dead in their coffin, you would quit imagining the possibility they were not really dead, or that they may be coming back through the door any minute. Humans are funny about death – not really believing it to really be the case. But there is something about viewing their dead body which puts an end to that kind of thinking. When the coffin closes you are absolutely convinced you will never see your friend or loved one again. (Not in this life anyway.)

When you view a body absent of life it has another effect on you as well. It doesn’t really resemble the person you knew. Oh, we say nice things like, “Doesn’t he look peaceful,” or, “They made him look really good,” or, “He looks just like he’s sleeping…” But that isn’t really the case is it? The person in the coffin doesn’t look any of those things. In truth, the person in the coffin looks like a corpse absent of life because that is exactly what it is. Pail, somewhat translucent skin, a bit waxy in appearance, and completely inanimate.

So, obviously their life is over. Done. Finito. And nothing can change that. In this way, funeral home viewings which seem so unpopular today were actually helpful to do one thing, (the thing they were designed for): to bring closure.

But Paul says, “Have you ever picked up a seed?”

We begin by saying, “I can’t really believe in the resurrection of Christ because it is impossible, and because I’ve seen a dead body, and I have never seen anyone raised from the dead, and I cannot believe anyone can be raised from the dead because death is so obviously final.

And then we pick up a seed.

And we are reminded we have not only seen resurrection we have seen it billions of times over. Resurrection is not only possible – it is the way of life.

Pastor Bill