1 Corinthians 4:1…

1 Corinthians 4:1… 

Humility can be defined by a reasonable understanding of who you are in God’s sight

Additionally, it can be understood about others in the same way.

Paul is arguing for the insignificance of man compared to God. He is saying to attach yourself to any man – including himself – is not only wrong, it is harmful because it falls so far short of WhomGod would have you attach yourself to: Christ.

If you’re looking for someone to follow, (and you SHOULD BE,) look to the Lord Jesus Christ and no man.

The reason is because man – even the best of mankind – falls so far short of Christ’s greatness and goodness and glory he is insignificant in comparison to Christ. Man is nothing, really. Certainly nothing special.

Man can at best only be significant in comparison with men

Paul says at best– in our most exalted, most significant form – we are merely servants of Christ, and, as leaders of other men, mere stewards, (custodians, caretakers,) of the mysteries of God.

Where the Church at Corinth has gone wrong is in placing their eyes on men they can see rather than Christ Whom they cannot see. In this, they have (in a sense) reverted back to the idolatry so prevalent in natural man they were prior to coming to Christ.

Especially in a society so rife with idols of every sort and kind, the Church is to stand apart, and operate completely in the realm of faith. If the Church at Corinth was to settle for becoming followers of men, (those they could see,) then it would succumb to the failings of the men it would choose. By comparing men to men and choosing which man they would follow on that basis, they set themselves up for the failure and oppression we have seen develop in the history of the Church, which is ingloriousby result.

Paul would have spared them from all of that and any of that.

“Who am I?”Paul might say, “that you would place your faith in me?”

The highest form of any man, man at his best, man at his greatest, is to be but an insignificant vessel of God’s glory and the Spirit of the living Christ.

Follow Christ and no man.

Pastor Bill