1 Corinthians 7:17…

1 Corinthians 7:17… 

In the middle of his answer to the church at Corinth about married and single life in the church, Paul pauses to interject the need to be content where you are, and not to be seeking to change your present life situation.

In doing so, Paul goes outside his discussion of singleness and marriage to bring basically all other life conditions into the discussion.

He uses these other life conditions to illustrate our need in Christ to be content where we are and how we are, and to simply grow where we are planted rather than to always be seeking to change our life situation.

He also presents our present life situation as a “calling.”

This would be an amazing reckoning for a very downtrodden people, especially those who had been called into slavery.

But what Paul is presenting really is the idea of the fullness of the sovereignty of God, and His ability to place each of us exactly where He desires so we may be Christ to the world we find ourselves in the midst of.

With that larger purpose in mind, where we find ourselves becomes an opportunity rather than a curse. Who would have ever thought of slavery as an opportunity for Christ – rather than as a condition you would spend all your effort to escape?

This is the upside-down economy of Christianity, and it is the same priority of life Jesus had presented to His disciples. All of the priority of our lives needs to be focused upon Christ and not on our personal life situation. But in a surprising way (to us) God knows it is this very focus upon Him which makes our present situation, (no matter how degrading,) not only bearable, but a blessing.

If only we can see ourselves serving Christ no matter where we are everything else takes care of itself. This may be a paradox initially, but Paul encourages this attitude because he knows it to be true – as does any Christian who has done so or will do so.

So, stop always dreaming and desiring to be what you are not. There is no benefit to it. God has planted you right where he wants you to be for now, and when He is ready for your situation to be changed, He will move you along.

Be content where you are and let God work in you and through you right where you are. You are not your own. You have been bought at a price for His purpose. There is no degrading station in life when life is in Christ.

Pastor Bill