2 Corinthians 4:1…

2 Corinthians 4:1… 

Therefore, since we HAVE this ministry of the New Covenant, we never lose heart because the Holy Spirit of the living God is alive in our hearts.

We inherently understand when others reject our ministry of the born-again life in Christ, it is not a commentary on our calling or our ability but is a revelation to us the gospel remains veiled to them. (We have this confidence! No one seeing the gospel clearly would ever reject it.)

The author of the veil that lies upon the heart of the Judaizer, the religious traditionalist, the legalist and the atheist or agnostic is authored by the god of this age, who is Satan. While it does no good to pray for a friend or family member God would save them against their will to be saved, (since God does not violate the will of man,) it is good to pray God may arrange events in their lives such that the veil placed over their heart may be removed by themselves so they may clearly see the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We know this is true, because as dark as our hearts were – and Paul’s heart toward Christ was VERY dark – the light of the gospel drives out the darkness once the light is unveiled.

That God would choose to place this greatest of all His treasures in common man is one of the greatest condescensions we know of about God. We place our treasures under lock and key, and the greater the treasure the heavier the security. God takes this greatest of all treasures and gives it away freely at His great cost to any common man who will freely receive it. And make no mistake about it, all men have this in common: they are made of the dust of the earth. Every man is merely a common terra-cotta clay pot marvelously fashioned by God.

But in our common existence, revealed by our emptiness as a mere earthen vessel, our purpose is found – to be filled by the Spirit of the living God.

And when we are filled by the Spirit of the living God we cannot be deterred. We may be persecuted, shaken, even perplexed and struck down – but since we are carrying the ministry of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ we cannot be stopped.

We may even expect to be delivered to death for Jesus’ sake, but what can man do to us since we have eternal life?

All Christians have this life in common. Just as we have all been born of water and blood, we have now all been born of the same Spirit of God, and His Spirit prompts us to speak forth the words of life, no matter how they may be received.

Therefore, we never lose heart. It is His heart, not ours.

Pastor Bill