2 Corinthians 9:1…

2 Corinthians 9:1… 

Giving is personal. It is intended to be that way.

It is helpful to understand we serve a very personal God. Our God knows everything there is to know about each one of us. (Including how generous we are with His generosity toward each one of us.)

When we think of the grace of God, we think of all the things we have received in this life, beginning with life itself and the possibility of eternal life in heaven, (which is completely undeserved.) Then we may think of the grace of our next heartbeat, our next breath, and all the billions of bodily functions sustaining our lives which we are completely unaware of for the most part. We might think of how our bodies have the capacity for healing themselves, and how our immune systems root out and destroy infections seeking to destroy us. We might imagine the intricacies of the grace of our design, and how we perceive beauty, taste deliciousness, and feel loved and warm and safe and dry.

Then we may go on to consider how much has been invested in our lives in terms of food and clothing and shelter. Can we even begin to think of what the total investment in terms of dollars spent to sustain our lives to this point? I’m certain the figure would be staggering.

By contrast, we may be challenged to think of those who are perhaps not experiencing the graces of life we are presently experiencing – or perhaps never have to the extent we have. And we who are born-again followers of Jesus Christ may sense a nudge from God’s Holy Spirit to look upon their plight rather than looking away. And when we look, we are challenged to see what can be seen through the eyes of Christ and not our own.

In seeing the need through the eyes of Christ, we know His compassion to serve that need, and it fosters in us a sense of fellowship with that degree of suffering we would have never known had not Christ encouraged us to look upon it. We at once feel super-blessed about how God has blessed us, and super-blessed God has equipped us to meet the need He has shown us in some form or fashion – according to what He has provided us with.

This is how giving works. We receive from God that which He freely gives us, and we look through the eyes of Christ to see how we may bless others with the grace freely given us.

Jesus said something quite interesting, especially in this regard, “For you have the poor with you always.” This is because world economies establish value by cost, and there will always be those striving accumulate or born into value, and there will always be those who have not and are not.

No amount of money added to the world economy can change this – but giving as Christ leads can.

Pastor Bill