Monthly Archive: February 2016


Luke 19:1…

Luke 19:1… Imagine the excitement generated with the news Jesus is coming to your town. Even with all the opposition He faced, Jesus still drew huge crowds to observe His movements, and to hear His pronouncements. There was obviously great […]


Luke 18:9…

Luke 18:9…   “Men always ought to pray and not lose heart.”   Such an important teaching by Jesus as He anticipates all that will happen once He has been crucified, raised from the dead, and ascended into heaven.   […]


Luke 18:1…

Luke 18:1… Jesus has just spoken to His disciples of His departure from the earth. The detail Jesus has provided about the events which will transpire from His time into our future are staggering. Can you imagine what the disciples […]


Luke 17:20…

Luke 17:20… We know God by inspiration, by proclamation, by demonstration, (and by meditation and perspiration.) Soon and very soon, we will also know God by revelation. This is the ‘apocalypse’ we are so familiar with, but mostly by the […]