Monthly Archive: March 2016


Luke 24:13…

Luke 24:13…   Imagine the disappointment. However long you’ve been walking with Jesus, learning from Him and learning of His ways – it’s all over.   When it comes to the two disciples of Jesus traveling to the village of […]


Luke 24:1…

Luke 24:1…   The last thing they expected to find on the first day of the week was an empty tomb.   The Jews of that day placed great importance on the proper handling of the body of the deceased […]


Luke 22:1

Luke 22:1… Think of all Judas betrayed in betraying Jesus: Judas betrayed the One Who loved him to a greater extent than anyone had ever loved Him. The love Jesus had for Judas was a demonstrated, felt love. A powerful […]


Luke 20:1…

Luke 20:1… Rather than listening to Jesus while seeking to discern God’s voice in the things He said, the scribes, elders, Pharisees and Sadducees put Jesus on trial – seeking to demonstrate He was not Who He said He was. […]


Luke 19:28…

Luke 19:28… God is always right on schedule. Sometimes in our lives we attempt to run ahead of God, or lag behind – but in the end we always find out we cannot do either – and the reason is […]