Monthly Archive: July 2016


John 6:1…

John 6:1… “Miracle of miracles!” John 6 tells us (once again,) of the only miracle contained in all four of the Gospels. God places a particular emphasis on the telling of this miracle, above all others. Whenever God speaks, we […]


John 5:26…

John 5:26… In a courtroom setting, we find a judge, a prosecuting attorney, a defense attorney, a jury, and witnesses, each representative of the interest of the greater public. Each are essential to making a determination of truth – which […]


John 5:1

John 5:1… To be ‘set in your ways’ can be prohibitive to God. While we’re often (these days) concerned with those who are willing to try anything and everything that comes down the pike, those at the other end of […]


John 4:43…

John 4:43… Jesus headed to His home region of Galilee after spending two days with the people of Sychar, in the hated region of Samaria. In an odd turn of phrase, we read Jesus went there (to Galilee,) while testifying, […]