Monthly Archive: August 2016


John 7:18…

John 7:18… Why you do what you do is more important than what you do. Jesus constantly emphasizes this. In fact, if what you do is done with an improper motive, you will receive no credit from God for doing […]


John 7:1…

John 7:1… One of the last things you may have thought about Jesus is His own family did not believe in Him. In John 7 we learn His own brothers not only did not believe in Him, they sort of […]


John 6:60…

John 6:60… At some point you are going to have to answer the question: Why have you come to Jesus? (Why do you follow Him?) Jesus guarantees it. You see, Jesus does not stand for casual followers or casual ‘believers.’ […]


John 6:41…

John 6:41… What do you think about Jesus? Does it matter? People judge Jesus all the time – and to what affect? Does what people think about Jesus change Who He is? The crowd in Jesus’ presence in John 6 […]


John 6:15…

John 6:15… Surface tension. It’s an amazing thing. I remember when they taught us about surface tension in junior high school science class. You can actually fill a glass of water slightly above the rim. (Only slightly.) If you get […]