Monthly Archive: September 2016


John 8:37…

What IF the Jewish leaders had actually been ‘sons of Abraham?’ This is the postulation Jesus makes next. What if? It’s not a question of genetics, is it? We know genetically-speaking this crew opposing Jesus IS descended from Abraham – […]


John 8:13…

John 8:13… How can I know Jesus will always be with me? This is an incredibly important question for our lives as followers of Christ. Many people make many promises to us in the realm of being a constant support […]


John 8:1…

John 8:1… Condemnation blocks the pathway to God that conviction breaks free. Many, if not most people feel condemned by religion, and by the thoughts, concepts, and teaching associated with religion. Condemnation is a strange thing, because it is born […]


John 7:25…

John 7:25… We put a lot of emphasis on where a person is from. “Where are you from?” is usually one of the first questions we ask a person when we meet the first time. It’s a conversation-starter. (It’s definitely […]