Monthly Archive: October 2016


John 11:1…

John 11:1… Jesus said Lazarus’ sickness was, “not unto death.” Then Lazarus died. Lazarus was a close friend of Jesus. This was personal. Jesus was also close friends with Martha and Mary, Lazarus’ sisters. He would never do anything to […]


John 10:22…

John 10:22… The question is often asked, “Upon what do you base your belief?” (Your faith.) Jesus reminds us it is just as logical to ask: “What is the basis of your unbelief?” It seems those who oppose Jesus think […]


John 10:1…

John 10:1… You have just been excommunicated from the ‘church.’ (In this case, the Jewish faith.) What will you do, knowing with excommunication comes exclusion from everything you’ve ever known? This is the condition of the man Jesus has healed […]


John 9:1…

John 9:1… Right before your eyes. Can you imagine what would have transpired in your life if you had seen Jesus heal a person born blind right before your eyes? Would it have changed the way you think of Jesus? […]