Monthly Archive: November 2016


John 12:37…

John 12:37… Jesus has performed innumerable signs demonstrating He is indeed the Messiah. In Addition to this, ALL of God’s Word points to Jesus. Jesus not only IS the Christ, no one else could be should you choose to think […]


John 12:20…

John 12:20… Resurrection. Think about the word, and everything it means. Resurrection is clearly impossible, and it would take a miracle for any resurrection from the dead to be considered among even the remotest of possibilities. The realm of the […]


John 12:12…

John 12:12… Jesus makes His entry into Jerusalem and it’s a big deal. Approximately 2.5 million people of Israel have gathered at Jerusalem for this Passover Feast. (Josephus, the Jewish historian informs us 250,000 sheep were sacrificed at this Passover, […]


John 11:45…

John 11:45… Expedience. We live in a very expedient society. We want everything now, and if it isn’t expedient to our cause or our immediate felt need we’ll have nothing to do with it. How many times have we said, […]


John 11:28…

John 11:28… What if by your death others believed? Would you be willing to place your life on the altar that others may see the glory of God in Christ? This was Lazarus’ mission in life, set in place before […]