Monthly Archive: January 2017


John 14:12…

John 14:12… Jesus is describing to His apostles what will happen to each of them when the Holy Spirit of God is made alive in them – as is about to happen once He has died on the cross and […]


John 14:7…

John 14:7… It’s probably true everyone would like to see God. (I know it’s true of me.) Think of everything that could be solved if only we could see God. How curious it is God sort of keeps Himself hidden […]


John 14:1…

John 14:1… This is yet another passage it is difficult to imagine your Bible not having. Where would we be without the opening verses of John 14? It is also another passage it would be very difficult to imagine any […]


John 13:31…

John 13:31… Now we come to the whole point of Jesus’ ministry it seems. (At least for us, as believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.) “That you love one another as I have loved you.” This is such […]


John 13:18…

John 13:18… Not everyone has loved Jesus. Not everyone does love Jesus. Not everyone will love Jesus. Imagine if everyone did? What kind of world would this be? When I first got saved, (and since then, really – and quite […]