Monthly Archive: February 2017


John 15:9…

John 15:9… The world has no true understanding of love. Everyone seeks it, desires it, and even requires it. Indeed, all the cruelty we see in the history of the world has been practiced in the absence of love. “Of […]


John 15:5…

John 15:5… The illustration Jesus provides His apostles (and) His disciples is classic: Jesus is the vine, we are the branches, and His Father in heaven is the vinedresser. Each of those elements is dependent upon the others, and no […]


John 14:28…

John 14:28… The point of prophecy is that we may believe. Jesus says so. This makes prophecy among the most important text contained in God’s Word. Indeed, as we often say, the Bible is comprised of approximately 40% prophetic content. […]


John 14:19…

John 14:19… Jesus is defining what it means to be indwelt, and it is blowing His apostles’ minds. Remember, prior to this night, there had never been anyone other than Jesus indwelt by the Holy Spirit in the way Jesus […]