Monthly Archive: March 2017


John 17:18…

John 17:18… There is ‘light’ in the world. What kind of ‘light’ will it take to outshine, or overcome the ‘light’ that is in the world? Last night we were listening to a radio show on NPR, and they were […]


John 17:1…

John 17:1… Just before arriving at the Garden of Gethsemane, and following the conclusion of His great last sermon prior to His crucifixion, Jesus prays to His Father in heaven. This is an astounding moment in time, and a wonderful […]


John 16:16…

John 16:16… There is always great sadness before a resurrection. Any resurrection. That’s because resurrection requires death as part of the process. And death is the great enemy to us all. Death causes the greatest depth of emotion we ever […]


John 16:1…

John 16:1… Now we come to the convincing agent Who makes every religion and religious system completely obsolete: The Holy Spirit. Certainly, there had been much written of the role of God’s Holy Spirit in the Old Testament; indeed, from […]