Monthly Archive: April 2017


John 21:15…

John 21:15… You’ve probably heard the saying which goes something like, “revenge is a meal best served cold.” While I’m not absolutely certain what it means when said that way, I think it means it’s best to wait for revenge […]


John 20:30…

John 20:30… John reminds us he is an eyewitness of the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection. It is as if he knows all of this will be challenged over time. His statement would have us know this is not some fanciful […]


John 20:1…

John 20:1… There is an empty tomb just outside of Jerusalem. This is the greatest fact in the history of the world. What does this empty tomb tell us? The empty tomb tells us God has overcome sin. We know […]


John 18:1…

John 18:1… Have you ever thought about attempting to arrest God? What kind of power would be required? Police forces normally employ overwhelming force to capture their target, especially when they appreciate the power of the individual they are about […]