Monthly Archive: May 2017


Acts 2:1…

Acts 2:1… We come to the birth of the Church. It has been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ, and it is an institution unlike any other that has ever existed on the face of the earth. It has […]


Acts 1:12…

Acts 1:12… Separation. Loss. Alone-ness. But also victory and glory and wonder and power and sheer unimaginable amazement! All of these emotions must have been present in the apostles’ and disciples’ hearts as they watched Jesus disappear for the final […]


Acts 1:9…

Acts 1:9… Now after the completion of His earthly ministry, Jesus is “taken up” into heaven. (Satan has been completely defeated.) Jesus’ ascension must have been one of the most amazing events ever witnessed by man. Imagine being one of […]


Acts 1:1…

Acts 1:1… Jesus said He would not leave us orphans, He would come to us. To those Jesus said this to – and to us – Acts 1 is the proof of the faith we are to have in the […]


John 21:18…

John 21:18… How would you feel if Jesus told you how you were going to die? While we probably would not normally think a description of our death would accompany our process of being restored as a Christian, in this […]