Monthly Archive: June 2017


Acts 3:1…

Acts 3:1… The name of Jesus has power. As Peter and John approach the temple at the hour of prayer, they notice someone they may not have noticed before. Or, perhaps they have seen him many times before, but passed […]


Acts 2:43…

Acts 2:43… An amazing transformation has taken place in the lives of those who comprised the earliest day’s church. This was an amazing season in the history of the church, and a critically important one. These early days, (in this […]


Acts 2:42…

Acts 2:42… If you were going to start a church what should you do? (That may or may not be a question you have thought about – as not many people are faced with starting a church.) But what if […]


Acts 2:22…

Acts 2:22… Jesus had told His apostles and disciples to wait in Jerusalem for “the Promise of the Father,” which He had described to them as “power” they would receive when the Holy Spirit had come “upon” them. Jesus had […]