Monthly Archive: July 2017


Acts 4:13…

The Jewish Sanhedrin was designed to intimidate. By the time of Christ, the Sanhedrin had become a pseudo-religious wing of the Roman government. Initially a gathering of 70 elders called by Moses according to the advice of his father-in-law Jethro […]


Acts 4:1…

Acts 4:1… There are two kingdoms at war on the earth. While the warfare is mostly invisible and largely concealed, it becomes apparent when Jesus’ power is revealed, especially publicly. The two kingdoms at war on the earth are the […]


Acts 3:22…

Acts 3:22… The promise of a “Prophet like me” had been spoken by Moses 1500 years prior to the coming of Christ. It was THE ‘looked-to’ moment in time greatly anticipated by the chosen people of God –  the people […]


Acts 3:11…

Acts 3:11… Radical. This is radical. In a very Jewish crowd, (and I say, “very Jewish,” because these are not only Jews, but Jews on their way up to the Temple at the hour of prayer,) conversion to belief in […]