Monthly Archive: October 2017


Acts 9:19…

Acts 9:19… What does a transformed life look like? While each transformed life retains all traits of individuality, there are many things which all transformed lives should have in common. One of those things is a desire for reproduction. (We […]


Acts 9:17…

Acts 9:17… The potential for obedience to God is never fully realized until obedience is practiced. We speak of obedience all the time – in that it is an essential ingredient of hearing from God. We know and understand it […]


Acts 9:10…

Acts 9:10… Every link in the chain is as important as another. If one link is broken, the whole chain is useless. Think of each link in the chain of events, (and people,) leading to your salvation. It has been […]


Acts 9:1…

Acts 9:1… Here we have Saul of Tarsus, basically breathing fire, seeking to crush this new ‘Way’ of following God in Christ. Saul was a ‘man of God’ thinking he was defending God, and earning God’s favor by crushing this […]


Acts 8:26…

Acts 8:26… Philip, the great evangelist, is in the midst of a wonderfully amazing, overwhelming and even stupendously unexpected revival in the region of Samaria. He has fled from Jerusalem under the persecution of Saul, and immediately begun preaching and […]