Monthly Archive: November 2017


Acts 10:24…

Acts 10:24… Imagine being summoned into a room filled with people you formerly hated who hate you because you formerly hated them. That’s a tough situation to imagine, but it’s exactly the situation Peter presently finds himself. He’s brought some […]


Acts 10:1…

Acts 10:1… No one is born with any sort of prejudice, whether of the so-called racial variety or any other kind – be it religious or whatever. Prejudice is an entirely learned behavior. It is taught by someone, or by […]


Acts 9:32…

Acts 9:32… The ministry of healing has always been a very tenuous subject in the modern church, because the kinds of experiences shared by Dr. Luke in the Book of Acts seem to be either rarely seen or never seen […]


Acts 9:23…

Acts 9:23… There is a reasonable expectation when you are first saved things will be better in your life. After all, the floundering around in a sinful and unsatisfying life has come to an end. The mercilessness, and gracelessness, lying, […]