Monthly Archive: January 2018


Acts 13:42…

Acts 13:42… The most important step of any mission trip is the response. If we are not careful, we can too-easily focus on what is happening to the missionaries and forget what is happening in the minds and hearts of […]


Acts 13:13…

Acts 13:13… As their mission for God continues, the challenges for Paul and Barnabas only loom larger. Departing from the known territory of Cyprus, (Barnabas’ home country,) they head back to the mainland to the seaport of Perga, in Pamphylia. […]


Acts 13:4…

Acts 13:4… Sergius Paulus was the first recorded Gentile convert in the first ministry mission of the apostle Paul and Barnabas. Sergius Paulus is an interesting man. He is an intellectual, and he is a proconsul of the Roman government. […]


Acts 13:1…

Acts 13:1… Saul’s name did not change to Paul when he was saved. (That was about 14 years ago.) Saul’s name changed to Paul when he served. Name changes are not unusual in God’s Word. Abram to Abraham. Sarai to […]


Acts 12:1…

Acts 12:1… Peter, James and John were the three apostles closest to Jesus. While Jesus spent much time with the twelve, of the twelve these three men were evidently those He considered worthy of the most investment of His time. […]