Monthly Archive: February 2018


Acts 15:22…

Acts 15:22… The unifying presence of the Holy Spirit is both amazing and wonderful. Have you ever attempted to persuade someone of a differing opinion of your opinion being correct? It isn’t easy, it doesn’t happen very often, and even […]


Acts 15:7…

Acts 15:7… If you had always been Jewish, and you were a descendant of Jewish parentage and heritage, it may seem offensive to you for the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to be so easily accepted by Gentiles, and for […]


Acts 15:1…

Acts 15:1… The Gospel of Jesus Christ states Jesus Who is God came in the form of man to save all men from their sin, providing justification of righteousness for all who place their faith in Him. From the cross, […]


Acts 14:1…

Acts 14:1… Those who know the truth are relentless in making sure people know the truth. The enemy is just as relentless making sure people either never hear the truth or are made confused by the truth they hear. The […]