Monthly Archive: May 2018


Acts 18:18…

Acts 18:18… Being teachable is one of the great traits of those who are being led of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Even when they don’t know it yet.) Discipleship ministry is truly what all of human participation in ministry is. […]


Acts 18:1…

Acts 18:1… From Athens, Paul traveled west about 40 miles to Corinth. In those forty miles, Paul has traversed the span from so-called ‘cultural enlightenment’ into cultural depravity. In those days, Corinth was the center of wickedness and debauchery in […]


Acts 17:16…

Acts 17:16… After escaping the Thessalonian Jews who had traveled to Berea to threaten Paul’s ministry, (and possibly his life,) Paul has been transported about 150 miles to the south to Athens – the leading city of Greek culture in […]


An Unbroken Home

An Unbroken Home We hear a lot these days about ‘broken homes’ and the emotional destruction caused to our culture because of them. Fatherlessness is at an all-time high and it continues to rise. So many children are being raised […]


Acts 17:10…

Acts 17:10… After allowing himself to be brutally beaten without cause at Philippi, Paul has adopted a “custom” of teaching and reaching the local culture wherever he may be. We saw last week how Paul had been led by the […]