Monthly Archive: June 2018


Acts 19:21…

Acts 19:21… Indoctrination from cradle to grave. If that goal can be accomplished, Satan wins, and eternal damnation is the result. Every culture has its own form of indoctrination. Satan is more than fine if that indoctrination includes any and […]


Acts 19:11…

Acts 19:11… Ephesus was a center of demonic activity in the ancient world. From the moment Paul set foot in the city, the demons were on edge. We note there was nothing any sort of demonic power could do about […]


Acts 19:11

Acts 19:11… Fathers are persons of influence. There is no denying it, and no getting around it. The only question is: What is the quality of the influence of the father? If you think back to the influence of your […]


Acts 19:1…

Acts 19:1… Paul is only interested in that which is effective. What is the point of being a ‘disciple’ of Christ in name only? Paul himself has for most of his life experienced the practice of religion without the power. […]