Monthly Archive: November 2018


Romans 7:1…

Romans 7:1…  In Romans 6:15, Paul had raised a question pertaining to the apparent relative weakness of grace for keeping people in line as opposed to the law. “Shall we sin because we are not under the law but under […]


Romans 6:1…

Romans 6:1…  Paul is a master of anticipating the questions which arise in the minds and hearts of those who read his letters. In his masterful presentation of the grace of God being super-abundant in dealing with all the sin […]


Romans 5:12… 

Romans 5:12…  All men are sinners because all are born in sin. It is the nature of man from conception. Man possesses the genetic trait of rebellion to God because Adam rebelled against God. It is that simple – and […]


Romans 5:6…

Romans 5:6…  There have been stories of great heroism on the battlefield, when a soldier sacrifices their life for their fellow soldiers. These are always very inspiring stories. In the U.S. we honor the memory of those great sacrificial moments […]