Monthly Archive: June 2020


Ephesians 2:1…

Ephesians 2:1… The reason we say Biblical Christianity is not a religion is because it isn’t. The fact we have to make this kind of distinction is tragic. But unfortunately – and tragically – many and perhaps even most people […]


Ephesians 1:7…

Ephesians 1:7… The Church is a glorious institution because the Head of The Church is glorious. Many people have many things to say about The Church as an institution, and many of those things are derogatory, and many of those […]


Ephesians 1:1… 

Ephesians 1:1… We live our lives according to the many blessings we receive. In the first case, we have life itself.  The miracle of you is beyond comprehension or calculation. Due to God”s design of procreation, we understand the odds […]


Galatians 6:6… 

Galatians 6:6… The applications Paul provides the Church here at the conclusion of his letter to the churches in Galatia are both Spiritual and practical. And he appeals to the practical as a means of explaining and encouraging the Body […]