Monthly Archive: July 2020


Ephesians 5:22…

Ephesians 5:22… And now we come to God’s design and plan for marriage. It should come as no surprise God has a plan for marriage since He invented it and established marriage. And from the very beginning God set marriage […]


Ephesians 5:1…

Ephesians 5:1… Now we are applying all we have learned in the first three chapters. And chapter 4 is such a powerful instruction about the things we are to do and must not do when it comes to living the […]


Ephesians 4:1…

Ephesians 4:1… The first three chapters of the Book of Ephesians are essential Church doctrine. The final three chapters of the Book of Ephesians are application for the life of the believer in essential Church doctrine. Most of Paul’s epistles, […]


Ephesians 3:8…

Ephesians 3:8… When Paul speaks of his ministry life he speaks of the dangers and persecutions he has faced and endured. Looking on from the outside, it might be easy to assume God was against his ministry.  After all, if […]


Ephesians 3:1…

Ephesians 3:1… One of the great mysteries about Jesus Christ is He has chosen to reveal Himself through the calling and gifting of men to teach others His doctrine. One of the things we might notice about our Bible is […]