Micah 5:1…

Micah 5:1… 

When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, the first thing He told them to personally request of their Father – Who is in heaven – was daily bread.

This, in effect, becomes the basis for Christian living: daily bread. Constant, on-going Spiritual sustenance. Nutrition for living life in this world as a follower of Christ. To BE a Christian will require a source of energy we will not find within ourselves but will be provided for the asking by our Father Who is in heaven.

‘Daily bread’ is the metaphor Jesus employed to make this relatable to everyone. We are all very aware of our need for food each day, and bread has always been a major building block of diets around the world through human history. In this case, ‘bread’ is employed to represent ‘food’ in a way everyone in every culture will understand. Without physical ‘bread’ on a daily basis, we will physically starve to death. To get the ‘bread’ we require to survive physically, we must ask for it of a merchant who has it.

This is the picture Jesus is painting for those who desire to survive Spiritually. As disciples of Christ, we are made to have Spiritual appetites which can only be provided for by our Father. Unless those appetites are fed each day, we will starve. Fortunately, we DO have a Father in heaven Whose great desire is to provide for ALL of our needs – especially our Spiritual ones. To ask of Him each day to have our Spiritual needs met represents our on-going relationship with our Father, through our admission of our absolute dependency upon our Father to meet our Spiritual needs. (If we seek to have our Spiritual needs met in anyone else we will starve to death.)

About 700 years before the birth of Christ, a prophecy was given to a man by the name of Micah pertaining to the very place the Christ would be born. Of the hundreds of prophecies about the Christ given so all would recognize His arrival, this perhaps would have been the most difficult to arrange without our sovereign God ordering events, even to directing the hearts of kings as the rivers of water.

The prophecy given to Micah was that Messiah, (The Christ,) would be born in a town by the name of ‘Bethlehem.’ In Micah’s day, this town was hardly more than a wide spot in the road, and not much more than that in the time in which Jesus was born. But it was the home town of David, and both Joseph and Mary were descendants of David and so were required to return there to be registered by the Roman government.

The great significance of the town of Bethlehem being prophesied to be the birthplace of the Christ was the name of the town itself. ‘Bethlehem’ literally means, ‘House of Bread.’ Our ‘Bread of (Spiritual) life’ has been provided to us from the ‘House of Bread.’ And there is no other place to find this ‘Bread of life’ required for Spiritual life than the ‘House of Bread’ from whence Jesus, Who is the “Bread of life” comes.

Pastor Bill