Luke 17:20…

Luke 17:20…

We know God by inspiration, by proclamation, by demonstration, (and by meditation and perspiration.)

Soon and very soon, we will also know God by revelation.

This is the ‘apocalypse’ we are so familiar with, but mostly by the blatant and constant misuse of the word.

This word which means ‘unveiling’ – or truly – ‘revelation,’ has been used in the modern age to mean some sort of cataclysmic event. A huge explosion, or massive battle, or some such thing. A super-colossal tragic event of some sort is said to be “apocalyptic.”

The ‘apocalypse,’ (which has no doubt been borrowed for use by the world,) is the revelation of Jesus Christ to the whole world at one future point in time. This is the moment when all will see and know that Jesus truly IS the Christ, and when all will acknowledge His Lordship over their lives. For many this demonstration of His Lordship will come by His destruction of their attempts to oppose it.

In the second half of Luke 17, Jesus answers the Pharisees’ sarcastically spiteful question about when the kingdom of God will come with a clarity few may have expected. One question we may ask about Jesus’ lengthy answer: How does Jesus know all this?

If you know the answer to that question, than you know Who it is Who is answering, which means His answer is the Way, the Life, and the Truth. To deny His answer can only lead to your destruction.

On the first point – which is major for us – Jesus reveals the present location of the kingdom of God. To those who were looking for a political figure to come and overthrow the Roman government, or any other thing which may be dominating their lives, Jesus informs us the kingdom of God is within us. It is not presently a physical kingdom, it is a kingdom of permissive Lordship over the heart of man. It is a spiritual kingdom present only within those who allow it to be so. To date, this kingdom is invisible.

But soon and very soon this will change, which should be of primary importance to every life. Jesus IS coming back, and to every eye and every heart He WILL BE revealed.

-Pastor Bill