A Mother of Christ…

A Mother of Christ… 

When you think of the name ‘Bathsheba,’ what comes to mind?

Was she the innocent victim of David’s lust, a trophy in the case of his manhood? A victim of his power and position and ability to do whatever he wanted and to have whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it?

She was certainly a tragic figure.

From the moment David first came into her life, everything in Bathsheba’s life to that point was destroyed. Her marriage to Uriah was ended by his murder at the order of David. She went from being a simple unknown young woman living a relatively quiet life to being brought into the king’s household and becoming one of his numerous wives.

The child that had been conceived on that fateful night in Bathsheba’s life died. (God took the child to cover the sin of David (and perhaps Bathsheba,) from public view.)

Eventually, Bathsheba’s own grandfather Ahithophel, (apparently so enraged by David’s sin with his grand-daughter – and perhaps with knowledge of David’s complicity in his son-in-law Uriah’s death,) joined with Absalom, David’s son, in an attempt to not only overthrow David as king but to kill him.

The failure of that coup attempt led Ahithophel to commit suicide.

These were just some of the burdens Bathsheba carried with herself all the days of her life. A dead husband of her youth as a result of sin. Her first-born child dead as a result of sin. Her grandfather’s suicide and rebellion against her (present) husband as a result of sin.

This would be overwhelming to almost anyone, let alone a mother now caring quietly and unseen for the lives of her children now given to her by God’s grace.

Bathsheba’s life certainly does not look like a life lined up to become one of the heroes of the Bible, but it is.

Is this the woman who could singularly be trusted with the lineage of Christ? Is this the woman who would stand forthrightly to preserve God’s Word in the life of her family?

Amazingly, wonderfully, and magnificently gracefully – the answer is: Yes.

Pastor Bill