Acts 14:1…

Acts 14:1…

Those who know the truth are relentless in making sure people know the truth.

The enemy is just as relentless making sure people either never hear the truth or are made confused by the truth they hear.

The fight is waged between the eternal and the temporal.

Without a full, truthful, understanding of the eternity awaiting each life, (because ALL life is eternal,) it becomes relatively easy to confuse people employing temporal arguments. This is the specialty of the enemy. Satan is the author of confusion. He is the father of lies. Jesus said there is no truth in him.

Jesus, on the other hand, is Truth. Eternal. Everlasting. From Age to Age, the Truth.

Paul and Barnabas are on a journey seeking seekers of truth. This is why they begin each stop along the way in the local synagogue, (if there is one.) The Jewish people are – in a religious sense – seekers of truth. After all, they have access to God’s truth. It is supposed to be placed on their frontlets, and their doorposts, and on the walls of their homes and such. They are the keepers of God’s Truth for the world.

But having God’s Truth right in front of you only works if you have an eternal focus. Otherwise it is just a competing philosophy among all the other religious philosophies of the world. They long for Messiah – but why is He coming? What is His purpose in coming? Is it to conquer Rome? To bring the Jews into the role of conquerors in this world?

Paul knows Messiah is to be Savior of the world, bringing His people – the whole world – into God’s eternal kingdom. This is the truth which has always been declared by God’s Word, entrusted to the Jews. Trouble is the Jews have always been a unique people, surrounded by those who focus on the here-and-now. The temporal wins out once doubt arises over the eternal. Religion becomes dead exercise seeking to improve the walking dead. Judaism has become a dead religion, offering no hope.

Paul’s ministry was intended to be a ‘reset button’ for the Jews. “Wait a minute guys,” Paul might say, “the Truth has always been right in front of your eyes, and it is an eternal truth.” For some it was a wake-up call. For others, it was time to kill Paul.

-Pastor Bill