Acts 15:22…

Acts 15:22…

The unifying presence of the Holy Spirit is both amazing and wonderful.

Have you ever attempted to persuade someone of a differing opinion of your opinion being correct? It isn’t easy, it doesn’t happen very often, and even when it does at times it leaves one party in the discussion wounded, and the other prideful about being right.

It is interesting in 1 Cor 6 Paul argues that as a demonstration of our liberty in Christ we should rather desire to be wronged than win an argument with a brother in a court of civil law. The point is we should have no desire to contend for an opinion to the point of division because we are led by the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is a unifying Spirit.

But how does the Holy Spirit unify, and how is this unity demonstrated?

The example of the council on Acts 15 is crystal-clear. With much dispute the discussion began. By the end of the discussion they were in “one accord.” Amazing. Marvelous. Especially since the dispute was over the central point of the gospel of Jesus Christ: the grace of God alone being the basis of our salvation.

The letter they send the church at Antioch after arriving at agreement is notable in its simplicity, and in its future-looking direction for the true church of Jesus Christ. In the letter, (which all have agreed upon,) is the statement, “For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us.”

Given the threat to Biblical Christianity posed by the enemy mis-leading people within the church, both in their doctrine and in their usurped authority to express it, it is a wonderful thing when all sides yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit and yield their own viewpoint regardless of which side they were on to begin with.

There are no “sides” with the Holy Spirit. As Jesus said, “You are either for Me or against Me.” There is no place in the church for two divergent opinions which are in conflict when it comes to essential doctrine.

How then do we explain so many differing opinions in the church about such things?

-Pastor Bill