Acts 16:16…

Acts 16:16…

Sometimes we may wonder what lengths God will go to save people.

The answer is: He will do whatever it takes.

The question is: Are we willing to be taken to the lengths it takes to reach those people?

The remainder of Acts 16 is the unfolding of the salvation of a Philippian jailer and his entire family. Who would have thought it possible?

God saw that it was, and so He divinely arranged things to bring it about.

Paul and Silas, while sharing the Gospel in Philippi, were on their way to prayer when a demon-possessed girl began to identify them by crying out who these men were and what they were about. (Serving the Most-High God and proclaiming the way of salvation.)

On the surface, this may seem a good thing, but Paul in wisdom recognizes the inherent danger of being associated with demonic forces. It is a fact demons know the truth about God in Christ. Demons do not doubt the existence of God. They know.

But Christians do not need the help of demonic forces in ministry. We are to depend entirely upon Christ. Demons intend to cause confusion, and they will if allowed to continue to operate. Paul commanded the demon to come out of the girl – causing a loss of income for her ‘handlers.’ Paul and Silas were promptly arrested and put in the most-secure area of the jail. Was this their ‘reward’ for speaking truth, and exercising the power of God?

Well, this is where the story gets really interesting. As Paul and Silas were praying and worshiping at midnight, there was a great earthquake, and all the cells were opened and their shackles thrown off.

Now we see what God was up to. As the jailer rushed in, certain he would be put to death for losing the prisoners in his care – he finds them all faithfully right where they were – in their cells. And the guard cries out, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

-Pastor Bill