Acts 16:26…

Acts 16:26…

With all the enemy’s attempts to divide, steal, and destroy, sometimes it seems he is winning on all fronts.

But the Bible reminds us God is undefeated.

The slave girl we see in Acts 16 was mired in an impossible situation. The enemy had complete control of her life. She was possessed by Satan, and she was owned by men who profited from her possession. Her condition was terribly tragic and would have cost her all of her life had God not intervened.

But from Galatia, God called Paul to come as the instrument of her rescue.

We do not know her name – but God did. No one is anonymous to God, and no situation is beyond His reach. (We need to remember this when we think of the Pygmies in Borneo…)

Then it appears Paul himself is beyond hope. And for what? Because he faithfully affected the rescue of this slave girl? For this he and Silas are throne in the deepest dungeon after being brutally and unfairly treated by a mob intent on their destruction?

But even in the stocks in the deepest darkest dungeon, Paul and Silas were not beyond the view and power of God. A violent earthquake provided a means of escape – not only for Paul and Silas – but for all the prisoners. The doors were opened, and the shackles were thrown off.

It is interesting to note how quickly Satan will destroy even those who appear to be on his side. The jailer – the very instrument of Paul and Silas’ imprisonment – is about to commit suicide, assuming all the prisoners have escaped. (A lie of Satan.)

This is a very great example of how the enemy always brings people to consider suicide on false pretenses. It is ALWAYS false to think things will never get better, and it is ALWAYS false to think suicide will improve the situation you find yourself in. That is NEVER the case. In fact, the very situation which may potentially lead you to consider suicide is the very situation God is using to rescue you. The right question is: “What must I do to be saved?”

-Pastor Bill