Acts 19:11…

Acts 19:11…

Ephesus was a center of demonic activity in the ancient world. From the moment Paul set foot in the city, the demons were on edge.

We note there was nothing any sort of demonic power could do about Paul’s presence in Ephesus, because God desired he be there, and God’s power is greater than anything Satan can muster.

This was Paul’s return trip to the city. Paul had first stopped off briefly on his way to Jerusalem for a feast. He then traveled to Antioch, and then back across the region before returning to Ephesus for at least two years. He took up teaching God’s word in the school of Tyrannus. It was while he was there things got interesting, at least from a power-showdown point of view.

As it had been with Peter much earlier at Jerusalem, people began to notice unusual things happened when something which had been in contact with Paul’s body came in contact with someone else. Somehow it was noticed sick people were healed when something Paul had touched touched them. It was also noticed demons were driven out by contact with something Paul had contacted. This created a run on material on which Paul had sweat.

And so Ephesus became a raging battle-ground. It also became a place of great Spiritual victory despite all of Satan’s efforts to thwart Paul. Paul was passive through all of this. He’s hardly mentioned. All he had at his disposal was a close personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and a strong desire to teach all of God’s word to a people who were hungry for it.

God did the rest.

What happened at Ephesus reminds us the enemy can have no power over our lives we do not allow him to have.

Remember, Ephesus was the home of the temple of Diana, the Greek goddess of fertility. Everything of the flesh and demonic power pointed to her fictitious reign. It was all an appeal to the eye and to carnality. God had a thing or two for them to see as well!

At Ephesus, Satan was roundly defeated on his home turf, by the sweat of a tent-maker devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ.

-Pastor Bill