Acts 19:21…

Acts 19:21…

Indoctrination from cradle to grave.

If that goal can be accomplished, Satan wins, and eternal damnation is the result.

Every culture has its own form of indoctrination. Satan is more than fine if that indoctrination includes any and all forms of ‘spirituality.’ And more pleasing than that to Satan is if the form of ‘spirituality’ present in a culture can grow into religious practice.

The emergence of forms of spirituality is both obvious and curious to anthropologists. (Those who study culture.) They must simultaneously ask themselves, “Why is some form of spirituality present in EVERY culture that has ever existed in the history of the world?” – and – “Where does spirituality come from?”

But they refuse to ask those questions, because anthropologists have been indoctrinated by their own intellectual culture.

To those who have a Biblical perspective on life, the answers to the un-asked / un-answered questions the anthropologists should be asking is simple: Every culture in world history has had a form of spirituality because, (as the Bible says,) man has been created with eternity in his heart. This causes all men everywhere to seek something greater than himself – or to collapse within himself.

To deny eternity is to render oneself a fool by the denial. It is a denial of that which is inherently known. (No one need teach you the existence of eternity.)

That said, where does your sense of eternity send you? The answer is: to hell, unless the form of ‘religion’ present in your culture can somehow be broken. Of course, the great difficulty is the religious practice in your culture probably preceded your birth by thousands of years. It has gone way beyond doctrine to indoctrination because everyone accepts its premises because of the weight of tradition present in every culture. All religious practice depends upon tradition to overcome skepticism from creeping in. The answer to every question is: “Because we ALWAYS have.”

Only the Holy Spirit has the power to break through the natural inclinations and indoctrination present in every culture. This is exactly what we see happening at Ephesus in this passage. When the indoctrination is broken down, a demonically-inspired riot ensues. Count on it!

-Pastor Bill