Acts 2:22…

Acts 2:22…

Jesus had told His apostles and disciples to wait in Jerusalem for “the Promise of the Father,” which He had described to them as “power” they would receive when the Holy Spirit had come “upon” them. Jesus had described this as being “baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

They were faithful to follow His instruction, even though He had ascended into heaven and was no longer ‘with’ them. They huddled together in one place of one accord, (one mind,) and prayed as they waited.

And now that the Holy Spirit has indeed come – just as Jesus promised – and now that His apostles and disciples have been baptized with the Holy Spirit – exactly what Jesus said would happen did happen.

I think this may be more amazing than we thought. (What had we thought?)

Was it expected a man who had never given a public address would stand and deliver a sermon to thousands of people?

Was it normal for a fisherman to craft a perfect message which was not only Biblical in content, but powerful in its conviction of heart?

Was it usual for an untrained public speaker before a massive multitude to accuse his crowd of being witting participants in the murder of their long-promised and hoped-for Messiah?

The truth is all of this was so far outside the realm of possibility the words themselves must have been empowered by the Holy Spirit. In the first case to burn so passionately in Peter’s heart that he would be willing to stand to address the crowd. (Remember, he had previously wilted in the face of a single servant girl accusing him of being a follower of Jesus.)

In the second case, we see the power of the words themselves to inflame not only Peter’s heart to speak them forth, but the listener’s hearts to bring understanding followed by deep conviction over sin. Indeed, this is the power Jesus spoke of.

Jesus said, “you shall be witnesses to Me, in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Now we see what He meant.

-Pastor Bill