Acts 2:43…

Acts 2:43…

An amazing transformation has taken place in the lives of those who comprised the earliest day’s church.

This was an amazing season in the history of the church, and a critically important one. These early days, (in this case the VERY FIRST day,) of the church would establish a foundation of faith and practice which would set the direction for the life of the church and the life within the church.

This would necessarily have been a ‘low church’ – and by that we mean it would have been of casual appearance. There were no officials, no glorious buildings, no ornate robes, and no visual materials whatsoever.

The first day of the church was a gathering of very simple people, with very simple lives, and no sense at all of striving for anything other than God in Christ.

It is notable what was present at the first day of the church, and I think it is something we could use a healthy dose of in the modern church: fear.

The word tells us “fear came upon every soul.”

Present that day was a heightened sense of the realm of the Spirit that is often lost in today’s church.

Though we are also a casual church by appearance, (a “low church” if you will – as was the first day’s church,) being ‘casual’ should not to be an excuse for a lack of reverence before Almighty God.

It may seem fear would be the last thing we should encourage as a palpable presence within the church, (especially in light of the love God has for each of us,) but the fear we speak of is a fully-developed sense of awe and reverence and wonder for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords we are to serve.

Have you ever wondered why a church gathering is called a “worship SERVICE?” The name itself implies and directs the attitude we are to have before God. We are to serve Jesus with our worship of Him before we do anything else. How I long for the day when all present will be engulfed in the fear of God and serve Him with their worship.

-Pastor Bill