Acts 25:1…

Acts 25:1…

Part of the calling on Paul’s ministry life had been he would testify before kings. (Acts 9:15.)

As unlikely as it may have seemed to him at the time, we see this unfolding just as Jesus said it would as we move through the remainder of the Book of Acts.

This brings us back to the consideration of what Jesus has told you. While it is sometimes difficult to personalize – or perhaps directly apply these literal historical passages in God’s Word – it is incumbent upon us to do so.

What had been the promises made by Jesus to Paul?

What have been the promises made by Jesus to you?

And here’s where it breaks down. I daresay many proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord today would say Jesus has never spoken to them, especially as it pertains to ministry life.

The prevailing thinking has been, (probably for centuries,): ministers minister, and the congregation listens to the minister ministering.

The predominant participation of the Body of Christ has been to attend church and listen to a pastor preach. This is inarguable by observation.

If everyone in the Body of Christ were serving in the ministry Jesus would call them into, the world would be a very different place. It would have always been a very different place – from the time of Christ.

So, are we to accept this as fact and continue in the same mode of operation that always plagued the church? Are we willing to allow the world around us to corrode into corruption because we have not heard the voice of Jesus calling us into serving God because we consider our service to God to be attending church?

While we may not know what Jesus has promised us personally, we do know Jesus has commanded ALL to serve in the Body of Christ, and the service He has in heart and mind goes far beyond attending church. Part of serving Christ is to avail ourselves of personally hearing the promises of Christ. What has He promised you?

-Pastor Bill