Acts 3:22…

Acts 3:22…

The promise of a “Prophet like me” had been spoken by Moses 1500 years prior to the coming of Christ.

It was THE ‘looked-to’ moment in time greatly anticipated by the chosen people of God –  the people of the Jewish faith.

When Jesus came, there was much speculation about Who He was. Of course, His closest followers saw Jesus as the long-promised Messiah, but for those outside His circle speculation was rampant. Could this be the One Moses spoke of?

There were so many clues provided by God intended to put an end to all speculation. When Jesus came to earth, He fulfilled about 400 specific Biblical prophecies.

The problem for the Jewish people is they failed to see all of God’s Word as prophetic regarding the coming of Messiah. They chose which passages they desired to be those which spoke of Messiah, and so they created a Messiah of their own making rather than the One plainly spoken of by God in His Word.

‘Their’ Messiah would be nothing short of a conquering King, and when ‘their’ Messiah came, He would rescue them from all their enemies, both foreign and domestic. (This, by-the-way, is the same view held by Jews still looking for Messiah today. He will be a conquering King. (This will lead them to initially follow the Anti-Christ when he emerges.))

Jesus came, fulfilling all that had been spoken and written of Messiah. He was doing everything said of Messiah – things NO ONE had EVER DONE – and yet, He did not appear to be a conquering King. In fact, it was His humility and meekness that was off-putting to most Jews. Others wondered: Could this be Him?

But then, the religious leaders, (those who should really know – in the eyes of the people,) put Jesus to death. In killing Jesus, they desired all speculation to end, and for most people it probably did. After all, Messiah would not die. For them Jesus’ death meant He could not have been Messiah, even with all the great evidences He was.

And then something happened no one really expected – even Jesus’ own disciples and apostles; He rose from the dead.

-Pastor Bill